How To Buy Nixie Tubes

Where to Buy Nixie Tubes

Which question is false ?

  1. Nixie tubes are no longer in mass production.
  2. Nixie tube prices are going up.
  3. Nixie tubes are readily available.

Answer: None. If you limit your search for the types that are more abundant, all statements are true. It is true that Nixie tubes are no longer in mass production, so there is a finite supply. There is, however someone in the Czech Republic making them. And yes, prices are going up, but not so steeply for small ones and common types.  But based on the growing abundance of nixie clocks and kits, and the increasing number of sources appearing from Eastern Europe, there is still a very steady supply of them available. And, as awareness increases, more troves will certainly be discovered. Are there tens of thousands of nixies left ? For certain models, no doubt.  But no one really knows for sure.. What is known, at the time of writing, supply is still meeting demand.

Please do some research beyond what I say here before plunking down your monies.

North American Dealers


Sphere has been in business a long time. And while their prices are fairly high, quality and customer service is guaranteed. They also maintain a good resource for technical information on Nixies and additional links

Spectrum –

Spectrum will sometimes have tubes, but they are mostly into kits.


Ask Jan First –

Long time established and reliable seller of nixie tubes and many other varieties

Eastern Europe

Eastern European dealers used to only be available via direct contact and ebay. Now, some of them have opened up on-line store fronts:

Siberian Shop –

GS Tube  –

RU Tubes –


Here is where you will find the best prices. You should understand e-bay basics. General rules of thumb: Do not buy from a seller with not much feedback. Do not buy from a seller with any significant negative feedback. There are a number of sellers based in Eastern Europe and Russia that meet this criteria. Just be ready for a 20+ day delivery time to North America. Just search for nixie on ebay.