IN17x7 Series 1 Nixie Tube Clock

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The IN17x7 Series 1 Nixie Tube Clock is a highly distinctive desktop time-keeping device like no other. Even if you are familiar with nixie tubes, this clock stands out from the pack. Most nixie clocks have 4, or at most 6 tubes. The IN17x7 has 7 tubes. These russian-made, cold-war era nixie tubes are driven by a modern design that runs cool and stays accurate.

The IN17x7 will keep track of and display the month day and year. In addition, if your region participates in Daylight Savings Time, the IN17x7 will automatically make the adjustments twice per year. That, combined with its battery-backup feature means it will rarely need any adjustment.

The IN17x7 has several other features including periodic chime, adjustable visual effects, alarm with snooze, and tube saver.


  • 7 tubes – This is unique to any production nixie tube clock; It allows time to be displayed accurate to one-tenth of a second. The rapidly changing display adds a great deal of visual interest
  • Accuracy – Utilizing a relatively new low-cost temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, time-keeping is accurate to less than 1 second per day
  • Battery-backup – Time, Date and configuration is maintained across power failures
  • Month, Day and Year – Can be periodically displayed
  • Daylight Savings Time – Automatic adjustment for daylight-savings time rules with programmable rules for many regions
  • Alarm with snooze – Alarm clock with snooze function
  • USB Interface Allows control and upgrade of firmware PC and upgrade of firmware
  • Tube-saver – Daily display shutdown / start-up times
  • Periodic Chime – On the hour, half-hour or quarter hour
  • Cross-fade Effect – Next digit is lit before previous digit extinguished
  • Transition effects – Fade down/up, ‘Slot Machine’, Curtain Wipe, Random Wipe
  • Totally Open Source – Both hardware and software means the ultimate in maintainability



The enclosure is constructed from a choice of laser cut material; MDF with natural cherry veneer (which gives an appealing charred effect on the edges), coated with clear urethane.  Black Acrylic, Clear Acrylic, and Patterned Acrylic. Numerous other custom choices are available. Custom patterns and logos may be etched on the front or back as well. Contact Us. All enclosures are fastened with 4-40 socket head screws.

Video Review

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Cogwheel IN-17×7 Review from Brian Stuckey on Vimeo.



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