Coming Soon: The Cogwheel Arduino Nixie Shield

I am putting the finishing touches on a nixie driver board that will plug into an Arduino. This board will allow hobbyists who are familiar with the very popular Arduino hardware and software platform to put nixie tubes in their projects.  And as always, hardware and software will be 100% open-source.

I will be selling the board in 2 versions; Assembled and bare. Users can supply their own IN17x7 nixies, or other model tubes via  separate display boards.

  • Reduced-cost version of the Cogwheel Nixie Driver Board in an Arduino Shield form factor
  • All Surface-mount design
  • On-board high-voltage generator, serial to parallel shift registers, high-voltage drivers, 3 buttons
  • Positions for 4 IN17x7 w/Blue LEDs underneath
  • Header to drive up to 6 nixies on a separate board
  • Sample code
  • Price without tubes: ~$59